Nathan (bigbearok) wrote,


Had a lovely weekend here in chilly Dallas.

Friday was the office holiday party at TMC, one of the local bars. Buffet provided by the local coffee shop across the street. We played the "guess who's pet belongs to whom" game, and the gift exchange. I wound up with a $15 gift card to Subway. Also received a scratch-off lottery ticket and my bonus. Yay!

Saturday was nice and leisurely. Last week was the last class for ceramics, so I had the day to myself. Loaded up all the animals and took them out for their spa day. Zoe got her beak and nails trimmed, Indy got a bath, and "Unnamed Black Dog" got a new collar. Everyone behaved well. I was worried about how the black dog would react to PetSmart and the dog washing place, but she was no problem. As long as she is with Indy, she does very well. She doesn't do that well alone though.

Worked for a few hours on Saturday, then headed to the grocery store, then home to make some shrimp bisque and watch some mindless TV with the roommate.

Sunday was coffee with the bears, which turned into lunch with the bears. :) Then off to work for a couple of hours.

Mostly low key, mostly very nice relaxing weekend. I am mostly pleased. :)
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