Nathan (bigbearok) wrote,

Adventures in Pain Management

Woke up Monday a little after 8am. Let the dogs out and then started getting ready to work. Meanwhile, gravity was working and my spine did not have the reserves to resist. This marked the start of the worst pain I've ever been in.

I managed to get some Ibuprofen in before I stumbled to bed. Once in bed and on my back, I was like a turtle and could not move. Roomate got up and gave me a pain pill, but still not much help. I was having pain all down my sciatic nerve on the left leg. A horrific aching pain that would not relent.

I made an appointment to see the roommate's doctor at 2:15, but about 10:30 could not wait any longer and we headed to the urgent care clinic. Once there, I tried to stand up, but decided at that point that I couldn't handle waiting to be seen and so it was off to the ER.

I was only in the ER about three hours, but I'm glad I was there for it. It took a long time before the pain was under control. The pain meds they gave me mostly just too the top edge off and made me sleepy, but still hurting. They sent me home with a couple of prescriptions and advice to see someone about it. They did a CT scan, but it didn't show anything obvious that would be causing the pain and numbness.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that my leg was also partially numb from my hip to my toes. And is still partially numb five days later. No pain, though it does effect my walking.

Appointment is for Tuesday. I'm pretty sure I have enough drugs to last until then. Yay!
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